The Artist Outpost art and pottery camps are designed for kids, elementary, middle school, and teen-aged. Our camps are as fun and silly as they are educational. We explore arts, crafts, and pottery as well as art techniques and design. We use a ton of mediums, but our favorite medium is fun! Our schedule aligns with the San Diego Unified School District Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring breaks!

  1. Keep your child socially engaged! We provide collaborative projects in all our camps and take game breaks to get campers socializing, playing, and cooperating.
  2. Combat the summer slide! Jump into some art history and creative thinking.
  3. Summer break is the perfect time to learn something new and challenging. Without school in session, kiddos are fresh and focused and ready to try self expression.
  4. Give them the freedom to make a major mess that you won’t have to clean up!
  5. You will love your child’s art and pottery more with every passing year. (My house is filled with it!)