Adult Art Classes

Beginners welcome! Join us for one-off workshops like our introductions to drawing and painting, “Paint Your Pet,” resin pouring, pottery, mosaics, stained glass, encaustic painting, candle making, and more, or, dive deep into the medium of your choice with a 6-class series! We’re also hosting parties like Art Club After Dark and Speed Painting! Pre-registration is required. Get inspired for your next private party from our class catalog or give the gift of art with an Artist Outpost gift card!

Pottery and Ceramics

Ceramic Sculpting $350

Build breathtaking forms that can only be made by hand! Make functional pieces and fine art with layers, cut outs, embossed patterns, relief, closed pockets, tubes, and more. All materials provided.

Pottery Hand Building and Wheel $350

Be prepared to fall in love with this medium. We throw pottery on the wheel and hand build, with an elevated hand building project in our second-to-last-class, and glazing in our last class. All materials provided. Select a series below to join us:

 Open Studio $240

Experienced potters who want to work independently can sign up for 6 consecutive Sundays or pop-ins that align with our kiln firing schedule. Email us to prequalify!

6 Sundays, September 10-October 15, 11:00AM-1:00PM

Fine Art

Oil Painting $325

Explore the rich tradition and storied reputation of oil paints! Relish thick brushstrokes, bold color, and slow drying times to build your masterpieces. Open to students who have drawing and painting experience. All materials provided.

Learn basic drawing techniques in charcoal like layering and blending, then expand your mind and pallet with the vivid colors of pastel! You will work on a custom landscape while learning how color sculpts and creates depth, distance, light, and shadow. All materials provided.

Absolute beginners, learn the techniques and methods of artists. Learn to  recognize edges, understand proportion, perspective, and shading so you can confidently and creatively draw. All materials provided. Select a series below to join us!

Learn the techniques and styles that make the works of artist like Van Gogh, Monet, and Rembrandt so famously well known. We will examine what made their work so unique and special, then help you re-create stylistic pieces yourself. All materials provided.

Crate a master blueprint of your design, cut each piece of glass, puzzle them together, and solder to create one cohesive masterpiece. Stained glass can be challenging, but the results are luminous like no other medium. Leave the series with a completed, custom designed, 8×12 inch stained glass piece you can display proudly. All materials provided.

Painting with Watercolor $300

Learn proper watercolor techniques to create dynamic works of art and graphics. In this course, we will create several pieces, ending with a layered landscapes. You will be amazed by the variety of work you’ll create. All materials provided.

Open Studio for Experienced Artists $150

Experienced artists can now take advantage of 6 Sundays of Open Studio hours. Please inquire!

Fan Favorites

Paint Your Pet $65

Paint a portrait of your favorite muse, make friends, and learn basic painting techniques. Your canvas is pre-drawn so you can jump right into painting! As soon as you register, please email us a photo to One pet per canvas please. Can’t wait to help you paint your masterpiece!

wheel and hand ceramics

Pottery $75

Is pottery on your bucket list? Seeking a unique date night of creativity and laughs? Our talented teachers walk you through basic and intermediary techniques on two projects: hand building and throwing on the wheel. At the end of class, choose a glaze color and we will bisque fire, glaze, and glaze fire your pieces for pick up. Workshop runs between 2 and 3 hours.

Resin Pouring $150

Be mesmerized by this fluid painting process that mimics the complexity of the ocean or cosmos like no other! Learn to make two gorgeous epoxy resin pieces on wooden canvas, one 16″ x 20″ and one 4″ x 4″. They all come out AH-MAZE-ING!

Specialized Mediums

Stained Glass $150

Our teachers will walk you through the first steps of learning the art of stained glass. Build a whimsical project out of a variety of shapes and colors. Grind and foil the edges, and solder it all together. The workshop can be as long as 4 hours, depending on your pace. The class is about process and progress; not perfection and each piece will have variations due to the nature of the medium. All materials provided.

Encaustic Wax Painting $120

Discover the enchanting medium of encaustic, the ancient method of painting with hot bees wax, pigment, and medium, repopularized by modern artists like Jasper Johns. Expand your imagination while you pour, fuse, layer, scrape, and stratch. Wholly embrace the abstract or add in elements of realism.

Alcohol Ink $75

Experience the fluid painting technique of alcohol ink on paper and glass. A process-heavy class where the making is entertaining and the medium has a mind of its own. Warm up with mini paper projects, create 9x12s, as well as a glass piece. 

Introductions to Painting

Beginners, enjoy a fun introduction to techniques that will advance your creative approach. Returning artists, jump in and challenge yourselves! Our instructors simplify beautiful projects for all experience levels, teaching you to build up color into an engaging work you’ll be proud of. These workshops are all fun and exploratory. All supplies provided. Pick a project and date to join us!

Sunflowers $55

Paint these beautiful, floral sun-worshippers among like-minded friends. Make art, make friends!

OB Lifeguard Station $55

Practice background, middle ground and, foreground in this painting of our beloved lifeguard station at sunset. Photo by student, Taylor Macomber!

Sunset Cliffs $55

Join us to paint another local favorite!


Paint Your Place $65

Paint your favorite beach house, your home, or where you grew up in watercolor, then draw in details in micron ink. Email us a photo and we’ll pre-draw your canvas. Make someone a great gift!

Paint Your Sunset $75

Do you also have a ton of beautiful sunset pictures on your phone? Emails us a favorite and we’ll pre-draw your canvas!

Introductions to Drawing

Beginners, enjoy this fun introduction to techniques and advance your creative approach! Returning artists, jump in and challenge yourselves! Our instructors will simplify these beautiful projects for all experience levels, showing you how to build up line, shadow, and sometimes color, into an engaging work you’ll be proud of. These workshops are all fun and exploratory. All supplies provided. Pick a project and date to join us!

Live, Life Drawing $35

Draw from a live model for 2 hours of fast, then long poses. This is our only workshop without teaching instruction or supplies. Bring all supplies. 18+ only.

Ocean Beach Pier $45

Get lost in drawing one of your favorite local places in layers of charcoal.

Matisse-Inspired Pastel $45

Be mesmerized by bright colors of pastel or oil pastel in this classic image, Open Window, Collioure, 1905.


OB Crooked Tree $55

Build up a beautiful OB sunset and shapes of Newport Avenue into a festive pastel with all the warm and fuzzies of the season.



Candle Making $75

Make 3 beautiful candles with your own signature scent and style. Add color and something special, from flower petals to seashells. All materials provided. (Our December date is part of our Festive Craft Weekend!)


Mosaic Discoball $85

Add some groove to your home with an 8″ day time discoball you design and mosaic. All materials provided.


Paint Your Bucket Hat $55

Customize your trendy bucket hat with fabric markers and acrylic paint and wear proudly. Please come with ideas for patterns, characters, favorite colors, etc. or follow along with the instructor. All materials and hat provided.


Mixed Media $75

Build a unique story from text, paint, watercolor, pastel, tissue paper, vintage magazines, and a variety of tools as well as any personal images or objects you wish to bring from home.


Art Club After Dark $36

We’re back with all new activities and games, this time as a 90’s Summer Party with two take home projects: bucket hat and keychain!!!

Art Club After Dark is designed for you to meet other creative people while you cycle through no-mess group art. Create, dance, play art games to get you thinking and experimenting, and make friends. All materials provided. No take home art, because the night is young.

Upon arrival, pick up a drink ticket for one shot (21+) or soda from Voltaire Beach House! Included in the ticket price.


Speed Paint Challenge $35

Challenge yourself and your friends with a speed painting competition! We will project famous paintings so the group can work quickly to replicate. How much detail can you skip and still complete a likeness? We will all vote on the winner who will be toasted over social media.


Erotic Art Night $60

Spice up your boudoir with some original artwork! We’re going to have a really silly time among friends. Extra points given for double entendres. We will email the demo upon request.


Have you been waiting all year for holiday season and one craft won’t cut it?! Join us for all 4 and use code craftyes for 10% off the total.
Saturday, December 2 and Sunday, December 3


Wreaths $95

Build your bespoke wreath of your favorite colors and textures, from evergreens, fried oranges and cinnamon sticks, pine cones, dried flowers, fake flora, and more.


Candle Making $75

Make 3 beautiful candles with your own signature scent and style. Add color and something special, from flower petals to seashells.


Linocut Card Making $65

Make one-of-a-kind holiday cards while learning the art of lino printing—cutting grooves into linoleum that will print a negative image. Bring an idea, drawing, or photograph to work from that has interesting lines to work with.


Scarf Knitting $75

Wrap up in something snuggly or make a generous gift.

Hungry for even more classes??
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