Adult Art Classes

Our adult art classes are designed to unleash creativity at all levels of experience through a variety of artistic activities like Resin Pouring, Paint Your Pet, Pottery, Stained Glass, Candle Making, Mosaics, and more. Pursue your inspiration with a 6-class series in Pottery, Ceramics, Painting, Drawing, or Stained Glass. We also host private parties and events like Art Club After Dark when we make art while making friends. Give the gift of art with an Artist Outpost gift card!


Throwing on the Wheel $390

Be prepared to fall in love with pottery. Learn to center, throw, shape, trim, glaze, and more. All materials provided. Select a series below to join us:

Our April to May Series:

Hand Building/Sculpting $390

Build breathtaking forms that can only be made by hand! Make functional pieces to fine art with layers, cut outs, embossed patterns, relief, closed pockets, tubes, and more. All materials provided.

Our April to May Series:

Open Studio $270

Experienced potters who want to work independently can sign up for 6 consecutive Sundays or pop-ins that align with our kiln firing schedule. Email us to prequalify! 6 Sundays, February 18 to March 24, then April 14 to May 19, 10:00am-12:30pm.


Beginners welcome! All materials provided.

Resin Pouring and Casting $375

Achieve depth and complexity in your resin pours. Learn mold making from coasters to deep-cast pyramids or spheres. Personalize your pieces with color, texture, trinkets, artifacts, print outs, flowers and more. Create a variety of projects. All materials provided.

In the April series, we’re painting pop art style. Use bright colors to elevate familiar objects for your home. All materials provided.

Oil Painting $325

Explore the rich tradition of oil paint. The April series will focus on Matisse inspired interior spaces (new pic coming soon) and practice lush wet on wet techniques. All materials provided.

Take your art to the next level! Learn to quickly recognize the building blocks of the body and manipulate charcoal to define shadow and tone. We life draw from a nude model in the last 4 classes.

Midnight Succulents in Pastel on Black Canvas

Learn to create texture and blend and some color theory. Then use the vivid colors of pastel to “draw with light” in a variety of projects that end with a landscape of your choosing. All materials provided.

Watercolor Painting $300

In “Houses, Huts, and Highrises,” we learn to articulate dimension, light, and texture while you create a variety of beautifully layered pieces. All materials provided.

We work through the lifecycle of design, blueprint, cutting, puzzling, and soldering to create a cohesive 8×12″ masterpiece. Stained glass is challenging, but results are luminous. All materials provided.

Open Studio for Experienced Artists $150

Experienced artists can now take advantage of 6 Sundays of Open Studio hours. Please inquire!

Stained Glass $150

Our teachers will walk you through the first steps of learning the art of stained glass. Build a whimsical project out of a variety of shapes and colors. Select, puzzle, cut, grind, foil, and solder it together. The workshop length varies, depending on your pace. The class is about process, not perfection and each piece will be unique.

Paint Your Pet $65

Paint a portrait of your favorite muse, make friends, and learn basic painting techniques. Your canvas is pre-drawn so you can jump right into painting! Email us a photo of 1 pet to Can’t wait to help you paint your masterpiece! 

wheel and hand ceramics

Pottery $85

Pottery is a must! Hand build a fabulous project and throw on the wheel! Choose a glaze color and we bisque fire, glaze, and glaze fire your pieces before pick up. Workshop runs 2 to 3 hours.

NEW Wheel Only Class! After a brief demonstration of centering and throwing, practice centering and throwing from pre-centered clay. Limited to 8 students.

Resin Pouring $150

Be mesmerized by this fluid painting process that mimics the complexity of the ocean or cosmos like no other! Learn to make two gorgeous epoxy resin pieces on wood, one 16″ x 20″ and one smaller. They all come out AH-MAZE-ING!

Candle Making $75

Make 3 beautiful candles with your own signature scent and style. Add color and something special, from flower petals to seashells. All materials provided.

Alcohol Ink $75

Experience the fluid painting technique of alcohol ink. A process-heavy class where the making is entertaining and the medium has a mind of its own. Warm up with mini paper projects and create a 9x12.

Mosaic Discoball $85

Add a chic 6" daytime discoball to your home that you design and mosaic. All materials provided.

Mixed Media Painting $95

Build a story from a collage of images and text, tissue paper, pastel, and small objects on 10×10 wooden canvas. Embrace the abstract with encaustic, an ancient paint technique of hot bees wax, pigment, and medium, repopularized by artists like Jasper Johns.

Our instructors make it easy to create stunning projects with step-by-step guidance. We’ll show you how to add depth, dimension, and/or color to your work and give you the freedom to experiment. Create an engaging work of art that you’ll be proud to display. Pro tip: Make it a paint and sip event by ordering from Voltaire Beach House! All materials provided.

Live, Life Drawing $30

Draw from a live model for 2 hours of fast and long poses. This is our only workshop that provides no instruction or supplies. 18+ only.

Drawing Night! Wolf in Charcoal $45

Attention wolfcore and dog lovers! Join us for this special drawing night when our teacher will guide us in a drawing of a majestic wolf.

Paint Night! Andy Warhol Inspired $65

Send us a photo of the familiar object you want to elevate into pop art and we’ll pre draw your canvas in a 4-grid. Colorful and fun!

Paint Night! Roy Lichtenstein Inspired $55

Fellow sun worshipers, join us for this unusual paint night with pen and ink!

Art Club After Dark (TEENS ONLY) $30

Art Club After Dark $30

Art Club After Dark is designed for you to meet other creative people while you cycle through no-mess group art. Create, dance, play art games to get you thinking and experimenting, and make friends. All materials provided. No take home art, because the night is young.

Annual Art Show (Free)

Every spring we celebrate our creative community by exhibiting works by students of all ages and teachers. Submit work you made at The Arist Outpost or come be inspired by your artist neighbors! We’ll also have fabulous refreshments.

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