Pottery Classes and Memberships

Fall in love with pottery! No matter your experience, we have a place for you. We host one-night workshops, 5-class weekly series, membership opportunities, and parties in hand building and throwing on the wheel. All materials provided.  


Hand Build and Throw on the Wheel $85

Learn to coax a beautiful form from project from slabs, pinch pots, or coils, then take a 10 minute turn throwing on the wheel from a pre-centered hump. Hosted by Queen Meg and Ruben!

Sign up:
Saturday, July 27, 9:00AM-Noon
Saturday, August 31, 9:00AM-Noon

Throw on the Wheel $75

Find your new obsession. With expert help, practice centering, compressing, and pulling walls. Limited to 8.

Sign up:
Friday, July 12, 6:00-9:00pm
Friday, August 16, 6:00-9:00pm

5 Class Series

Wheel Throwing $325

Be prepared to fall in love with pottery. Learn to center, throw, shape, trim, glaze, and more.

Book a July-August series:
5 Tuesdays, July 9-August 13, 6:30-8:30pm with Meg
5 Wednesdays, July 10-August 14, 6:30-8:30pm with Ruben

Doors open 10 minutes before class to set up and use 15 minutes after class to clean up.

Email us at hello@theartistoutpost.com for more options or for more studio time.

Hand Building $325

Build breathtaking forms that can only be made by hand! Make functional pieces to fine art with layers, cut outs, darts, embossed patterns, relief, closed pockets, tubes, and more.

September Monday morning series coming soon!

Email us at hello@theartistoutpost.com to inquire.

Additional wheel time for current students

Available to current students during the first 4 weeks of their series only to stay on the kiln firing schedule. Email for link hello@theartistoutpost.com


Summer Schedule Soft Opening! $175/month

Our membership package is $175 per month for 12 hours (3 hour time slots) of studio time. Studio time is independent. This includes a half bag of LBW70 clay, tools, firings, and glazes. Additionally, new or recycled LBW70 or B-Mix clay is available for purchase. Hours will expand after August 12 and continue throughout the course of the year. Package autorenews.
Contact us to book a month membership!

Open Hours June 9-August 11:
Mondays 3:30-8:30pm
Thursdays 3:30-8:30pm
Most Fridays 3:30-6:30pm
Most Sundays 10:00am-6:00pm
Closed the week of July 4. Occasional closure for private events.

Fall Schedule $225/month

Coming soon in Fall 2024, we will offer a premium membership option with 24 hours of studio time per month for $225. This includes a 25lb of LBW70 clay, tools, firings, and glazes. Additionally, new or recycled LBW70 or B-Mix clay is available for purchase. Please inquire to hello@theartistoutpost.com.

More Information
  • Not a production studio. Memberships are for hobby potters to work independently.
  • Members are required to answer a questionnaire and/or submit photos that will qualify you for membership. Contact us at hello@theartistoutpost.com to register for a membership.
  • Includes 3 hour sessions on weekdays and Sundays
  • 7 wheels and 4 hand building spaces available per session.
  • Includes clay, tools, firing to cone 5/6, 8 bulk glazes for dipping, dozens of smaller hand painted glazes and underglazes. Personal 5/6 glazes and underglaze can be brought in for staff review.
  • Summer and holiday hours vary.
  • Membership hours will not roll over into the next month. No exceptions.
  • Unlocked cubbies are available for storage of tools/clay.
  • Additional studio time is available at the rate of $50 per 3 hour drop in.
  • We fire what you make from your provided monthly clay. Additional clay can be purchased with a built-in firing fee. Staff uses best judgement when kiln firing to load and prioritize based on size and scale of pottery.
  • Monthly firings are guaranteed.
  • Studio recycles pieces left behind after 2 weeks.
  • Pick one a month: buddy pass, free monthly paint/life drawing night, free Art Club After Dark Party, 10% off a 5-class or 6-class pottery or art series, 10% off a specialized monthly workshop, OR 10% off a youth class or camp.
“The art of pottery is learning to center yourself and turn your intentions into stone.”

We also offer kids’ pottery classes in Summer Pottery Camps and Private Parties!

More about Throwing on the Wheel

The Artist Outpost is the San Diego authority on learning to make pottery: throwing on the wheel, hand building, making functional pieces as well as art forms.

Throwing on the wheel is a pottery technique that has been used for centuries to create beautiful and functional ceramic pieces. This process involves shaping clay on a spinning wheel to form various shapes such as bowls, cups, vases, and plates. The wheel allows the potter to control the speed and direction of the spinning clay, resulting in precise and uniform forms. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the techniques of throwing on the wheel in detail, from preparing the clay to finishing the final piece.

To begin, the first step in throwing on the wheel is preparing the clay. It is essential to wedge the clay thoroughly to remove any air bubbles and ensure uniform consistency. Wedging also helps align the particles in the clay, making it easier to work with on the wheel. Once the clay is wedged, it is centered on the wheel by pressing it firmly against the wheel head and using water to lubricate the surface.

After centering the clay, the potter begins the throwing process by opening up the clay. This involves pressing a thumb into the center of the clay to create a depression, which will form the base of the piece. It’s crucial to also compress the floor of the piece. This helps it dry uniformly and not crack! The potter then gradually pulls the walls of the clay upward and outward to create the desired shape. Ideally this is done in 3 passes. The walls are also compressed. By controlling the speed of the wheel and the pressure applied, the potter can manipulate the clay to achieve different forms and textures.

As the piece takes shape, the potter must pay attention to the thickness of the walls to ensure even drying and firing later on. Thicker walls may result in uneven drying, leading to cracking or warping during firing. To maintain consistent thickness, the potter can use a wooden rib tool to scrape off excess clay from the walls while shaping the piece

After the piece is thrown and removed with a splash of water on either side and a wire tool, it is set where it can dry slowly to prevent the piece from warping or cracking during firing. Once the piece reaches a leather-hard stage, it can be trimmed. We spend our second class in our series learning to trim. The piece returns to the wheel upside down. Decorative elements like handles or textures can also be added at this stage. At this stage you can also add underglaze and scratching back into the clay in a beloved technique called Sgraffito.

When the piece is completely dry, usually in 2 weeks, it is ready for bisque firing in a kiln. Bisque firing involves heating the piece to about 900 degrees in our kiln to remove any remaining moisture.

Once the bisque firing is complete, the piece can be sanded (outdoors only) and glazed using various techniques such as dipping, brushing, or spraying to achieve different colors and finishes.

Finally, the glazed piece is fired in the kiln for a second time to over 1000 degrees to fuse the glaze to the clay and make it waterproof. A firing can take 12 hours and then cooling can require another 12.

Throwing on the wheel is a versatile and rewarding technique that allows potters to create unique and personalized ceramic pieces. By mastering the techniques of centering, throwing, trimming, and glazing, potters can unleash their creativity and produce beautiful pottery that showcases their skills and passion for the craft. So, grab some clay, hop on the wheel, and let your imagination spin into a world of endless possibilities.