Classes in the Art of Oil Painting in San Diego

Explore the rich tradition of oil paint. Because oil paints dry slowly, you can work “wet on wet” to blend colors, layer, and continuously manipulate your painting. The thick nature of oil paint allows you to use heavy brushstrokes that can stand alone or get layered into a masterpiece. Beginners welcome. All materials provided!

6 Class Series $325

The theme for our July/August Series is coming soon! All materials provided, beginners welcome!

Series Themes

We theme our series for students to explore different techniques and elements of design. Here are a few favorites, some of which repeat. Let us know if you have a favorite! Hint: They’re all great and teach something different.


Focus on refining one painting from a detailed drawing through numerous layers of glaze and paint. Achieve a radiant and polished final artwork.

Still Life

Practice new ways of seeing objects and light. Break down complex objects into dark medium and light colors to easily mimic life.

Single Point Perspective

Create dynamic landscapes by incorporating a vanishing point, foreshortening techniques, and a clear light source.

Matisse Interiors

Interiors are rich with personal touches, a sort of portrait of who they belong to. Paint famous works before elevating your own interior as a work of art.
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