At The Artist Outpost, we strive to give students the supportive, friendly environment to experiment with art and craft mediums and their unique techniques. Our teaching artists will tell you, the pursuit of art isn’t only the final product; it’s the journey you took, the lessons you learned, the unexpected things you overcame, and the surprises you kept and even emphasized. These experiences are called the “creative process,” the steps you take from concept through completion. This is what we call the feeling of living in the moment that an artist experiences while brainstorming, planning, trouble shooting, negotiating surprises, and discovering of new techniques. In children, the creative process teaches resilience and problem solving. In adults, it’s the same, plus a reminder that we need not control every outcome and that to learn something new is a gift. When everything is lining up, that’s called “flow.” You will definitely experience this in our art courses and pottery courses and might get a taste of it in our art workshops and pottery workshops.

We regularly remind our students “perfection has no place here.” If we want a snapshot, we can take a photograph and print it. At The Artist Outpost, we recognize art is a recording of your experience and we like seeing signs of you and your humanity in your work. We think this is what gives art its beauty, signs of the hand and mind that made the piece. Thank you for making art with us!