Children's Art Classes

We work with students ages 4-18 to teach them beginner, intermediate, and advanced techniques in painting, drawing, watercolor, pastels, pottery, handbuilding clay, and mixed media projects.  Our teachers all have a wide variety of knowledge and experiencing, that give each of our classes a fun twist on each project.  


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Our beginner students are ages 4-8 and learn simple techniques in drawing, painting, clay, pastel, mixed media and basic color mixing.  We use class time to explore creativity, and give confidence to our young artist.

Advanced Artist

We look to push our 12-18 year old students to new heights, combining their knowledge with the confidence to go past the boundaries in their artistic brains, helping them to develop technique and style.

Birthday Parties

Looking for a fun unique way to celebrate your childs birthday.  Host an art party at our studio where we'll work with you to create a custom project your birthday kid will love and teach it to your group of friends & family.  

Summer Camp

Send your child to a morning art filled summer camp.  Spend the week creating paintings, drawings, pottery, mixed media, and pastel.  Your child will go home with a multitude of creative projects within the week!


We work with our intermediate students, ages 9-12, in fine tuning the previous techniques in drawing, painting, pottery, clay handbuilding, mixed media, and developed color mixing.  We work with these older students to explore what their authentic style is and how we can help them develop that. 

Mommy & Me - Toddlers

Join us at The Artist Outpost for Toddler/Preschool Art and Sensory Play! This class is 6 class series program, 45 minute art-based sensory class where kids walking to 4 years old investigate and learn through inspired art and sensory experiences. This class is a great first exposure to all different art materials, experiences, and creativity! Come ready to make a mess, meet new families and have some fun!

Pottery Classes

Focusing entirely on all things pottery, we teach our youth clay kids about basic techniques on the pottery wheel and in handbuilding. 

Private Lessons

We work work one on one with students all ages to help them develop either specific skills and techniques, general knowlege, or simply the confidence to express themself artistically.